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AFX FX-39DS helmet update

So now that I've done a few rides with the helmet, I figure it would a good time for an update. I still like the helmet. As a matter of fact, I like it quite a bit. It's great, especially off-road, while conquering the gnarlier dualsport routes.

Since my last post, I used the helmet on three rides, all of them with temperatures below 50F degrees, and the last two started at around 30f degrees. Needless to say, the air is pretty cold when riding, and gets even colder at 70 mph. This helmet is great off road as it lets in so much air. The same, nevertheless, can be rather inconvenient when riding at higher speeds on the pavement. I realize this is not the right helmet for any long distance trips over pavement, but I find myself reaching for it more often than not. So, to deal with the air issue, I came up with a simple idea - chin curtain. I mean, my Scorpion has one, why should this helmet not have one?

After searching my gear pile, I found a piece that solved the problem. The piece in question came off an older Gmax helmet, and it was originally used as an over-the-nose piece, probably to prevent the breath from fogging the windshield. It has a 3/4" plastic edge with some snaps in it to attach it to the Gmax helmet. Well, I took the snaps out, bent the soft plastic in the middle, and inserted it between the helmet shell and the impact material. Voila, we have a chin curtain!

To test this, I used the helmet on a 4 hrs DS ride that included some class VI roads, some short pavement sections, and a lot of unpaved, graded forest sections. With the curtain in place, my shield fogged up a lot on the slow, rough sections. But, once I cracked it open a little, it was fine. On the faster, 40-60mph sections it performed as I had intended - restricting the airflow from underneath. The helmet is still pretty loud, but much quieter than it was. Also, going 60 in a 40 degree weather no longer freezes my chin.

So, AFX, if, by any chance, you are listening: Consider adding a chin curtain to an already good product - it will only make it better.

The nice thing about this homemade solution is that the nose piece has a piece of soft metal inside (to allow you to shape it to your nose profile), which means I can bend it either in or out to increase or decrease airflow. Here are a couple of pics:

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