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Originally Posted by justdrew View Post
So I'm picking up a few titles dirt cheap with the Steam sale. I don't think it's possible, but has anyone been able to play Steam games through their XBox 360?

Second question - How important is hard drive space for the 360. I understand disk based games can run with reduced load times if copied onto the hard drive. I also enjoy indie games, and there would be the inevitable DLC.

Anybody have preferences for multiplatform games, console vs PC?
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Steam is for Mac, Linux, and Windows only, an XBox 360 couldn't even run the Windows 7 OS.

I have my top few games saved to the HD, if you have a new XBox and do that you likely will never run out of space for downloaded games unless you are buying a ton.

I use an XBox controller for both, XBox is better for online play since my friends have it. PC is better if you want tons of hacks and additional levels.
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