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Originally Posted by GAS GUY View Post
Awsome, interesting thread.Keep it going.
I counted 14 teeth on your front sprocket, tell me your not pounding out big slab miles with the 14 tooth sprocket ?
Anyway, keep it up, this is what the Klr is all about.
You, sir, impress me with your powers of observation. NORMALLY, I bounce between a 16 and 14 tooth. This was, indeed, a 14 tooth used in the mountains around Silverton, Co. Currently, I'm using a 15 tooth as it's all I had available to me at the time. It works out well, though. Revs a little higher than I'd like, but I'm comfortable with it. Just a few days ago I made a 6 hr run along I-10. I just set the throttle lock at 5500 RPM/ 70ish and lounged for a while.

Originally Posted by RalphyDo View Post
Wow!! I did that to my old XR600r. Still dont know how it happened as I didnt hit that hard but the bike buckled under me, sending me off into the cactus! Nothing feels as bad as that moment when you stand back up and start to walk back to you bike and see that!

I'll give you one thing, you dont give up. That is a truely unique trait that alot of people, no matter how long they try, can not gain. Keep it up man, good travels.
Heh, thanks. I guess I don't know how to give up in some instances. It can be a good and a bad thing.

Originally Posted by Reposado1800 View Post
Are you the guy in that famous pic walking his front end down atrail in Baja? It looks like the same bike.
Yeah... that's me. That's gotta be my second most popular photo...

Originally Posted by Treadless View Post
Yes and the one taken in the bathroom at a motel.
Second only to this one.

You know, I've done other things with my life. Great things. Fantastic things. I'm drawing a blank right now, but things were done. Awesome things......

Originally Posted by grizzzly View Post
If you donít get it strait it will continue to tear its self apart
Stay tuned...
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