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Just read your post. A few thoughts.

Originally Posted by robert110411 View Post

I posses a rare and mysterious skill which would easily earn me several hundred thousands of dollars a year in select countries......No thanks. I'll pass. I like it here just fine.

As for College? I put my kid thru college in four years. we paid for most of it and borrowed a total $8K.


I've got three kids that are all straight A students and two left who need college. I could buy a new Corvette every year...but instead I save for college. Because that's what grown ups do.
Congratulations - most of us don't, and are unwilling or uncapable of finding, learning or making up a skill like that, that will fund college options for multiple offspring and a lifestyle that affords the possibility of a new Corvette every year as an alternate option or once they are all on their way, option...that's why we're all looking at other options.

I don't see that your "thoughts" add any value to the thread, at all, in any way other than to make sure you contrast yourself with people of less fortitude, competency and ability but with more capability to look for something outside the 'merican dream you purport to live. You have found a niche and we applaud you, but the rest of us haven't or don't see the possibility and seek greener(to us) pastures and are looking for similar advice/scenarios/possibilities.

Originally Posted by robert110411 View Post
All the time I've missed from work in the last 24 years adds up to less than 3 months. Total. And that includes the recession of the early 90's.

If I made less, I would pay for my kids to go to a school more in line with what I could afford. And if my kids weren't college material?
Congratulations, you have not done what or explored the places that most of the posters have in this thread - the inspirational ones. I dunno what you did before you had kids but based on the chronology you illustrate, not much that might inspire most subscribers to this thread.

Lastly, aren't you enabling your kids with your "investment" in them just like the government would have with student loans or grants? Please, differentiate in the differences of enablement factor!
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