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RR [at last]

Well seeing as everyone else has posted RR's in this thread I might as well do the same.

It was a great day out and a very relaxing pace was the order of the day [the point is to reach the end......not the hospital ].

The meet point at Maccas Richmond, I'd like to say all the others were late but the truth is I was so glad to actually be getting out on a group ride I misread the original post with the start time of 0830, I turned up at 0800

Roadside regroup on Mt. Lagoon Road.

The head of a bushwalking track down to the Colo River at Mt. Tootie- not a walk for the faint hearted based on the information on the sign.

Apparently Katoom's don't come from the factory with a side stand, if you own one always make sure you ride in an area with an abundance of solid trees to choose from.

Stopped at a little "play ground" for those that were keen enough to try.

The challenge was taken by some.

A short vid of a couple of KTM's showing off, as they always seem to do- click on the picture.

Another stop along the way.

And the view from there, don't slip off the edge.

One of the ferry crossings along the way.

Thanks to Karl for putting up the idea for a Newbie ride, and to Wayne for leading the way- all the while keeping in mind the skill level of the Newbs and setting an appropriate pace with suitable tracks and challenges not too extreme.

The company was good and the weather was ideal for the day.

I think I have more pics of the day but they are not uploaded to PB yet, when I get them done I will add more to this post.

Looking forward to doing another one at some point as there are a couple more new forum members looking to do some rides.

As you can see by the mix of bikes on this ride the day was suitable for a range of bikes and skills levels.

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