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Originally Posted by Bofaxrunner View Post
I have a 690 kitted with a rally raid, and a 350 excf. I could not imagine a better combo. My best friend has a 450 exc, and we swap all the time. His bike has more low end, but they seem to be almost identical on the top end. We have the same gearing btw. Once I got my 350 dialed, I wouldn't give it up for anything. I turns much faster and feels much lighter than the 450. I have a 3.5 gallon tank and almost always have more fuel than my buddies stocker and we both agree my bike is more flick able.

It does have a more complicated valve adjustment, but it makes the bike feel so smooth while revving. I can't imagine you would regret it.
absolutely +1, bought the 350 right out of the show room. Had a 450 which is strong and has more low end torque. But the 350 is much easier to ride, handles like a 250 and when grip is bad eats the 450 and 500 with ease.

Many prefer the 500 for "what they call enduro" but real enduro ends in second gear or even earlier. Desert blasting, fire track and greenlaning, I'd take the 500 as it is just superstrong. As soon you get in the real hard stuff forget it. You cant manage the torque. And that is why even big guys in enduro championship go for the 350. Well, have to admit Johnny Aubert although championship winner swaps back to a 500 from the 350. But the exception proves the rule

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