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When I think of all the Honda CB's (350, 500, 550 & 750) I mildly modified to suit my riding style back in the 90's, I think I was closer to true cafe racers than the modern interpretation. All I usually did was clubman or clipon bars, rearsets fabricated out of bits and pieces, some sort of modified exhaust with reverse megas, along with all unecessary weight discarded. The idea was to make them easier to get round the twisties quickly, with style as a secondary feature, which usually just happened as a by-product of what I'd already done.
Tire choice was for function. When I see a cafe racer with Firestones I cringe, those things are terrible. As soon as you fit a set of those, you're telling the world you've built your bike for show, not go. Everyone's entitled to express themselves with their bikes, but damn, some nice bikes are being ruined in the process.

I don't mind choppers, just not OCC theme shit or wide-ass rear tires, I like the original style, but much prefer bobbers.

It's a shame that all these bikes are being butchered, frames being cut up etc., but what can you do. When the fad is over, there'll be some cheap bikes on the market hopefully. They'll just need a bit more work to get roadworthy again.
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