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Oddometer: 7,121 other thing about the bikes you mentioned, 650R/Versys/FZ6..

I've ridden all of them (Versys for just a minute), put maybe 300-400
miles on the FZ6, and owned the 650R for 5 years (20k miles).

I'd put the 650R in the last place between them all, the Versys has
more comfort, lighter handling, better midrange but it IS slower then
650R, and especially the FZ6.

While the 650R has a slight kick from 7k to 9k revs, the FZ6 has
that kick from 8k to 10k, and then I'll rip your arms out from 10 to 12k.

I've also found the FZ6 to have the best overall wind protection, it's
silky smooth, but you gotta figure out if you like big torque down low
or high revving sporty engine.

Most scooters will feel like they have gobs of torque everywhere and
pull instantly (while in reality, they spin up the revs fast and pull from there),
like the Versys.

The FZ6 after you get off the Ninja 650 will feel like a 300-400cc bike.
While it's super smooth down low, it's completely gutless.

It's still faster at those low revs (lets say up to 6k) then any of the
scooters you'd be looking at (at least up to 1cyl 500cc ones).

Even the Hornet 600 (Honda 599) will feel stronger down low then
the FZ6, and they share the same engine layout and size (even the power).

The NC700X with DCT might be the best all-rounder on the market today,
but it's not a fast bike.
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