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K1- Dream Machine? Or Nightmare?

WOW, the K1 always was an intriguing motorcycle for me! I've read they are none too comfortable, tho I wouldn't know that from personal experience. You sure don't see many around out in the "real" world, but I see them come up for sale every now and again. Come to think of it, I have NEVER seen one anywhere EXCEPT on line. Talk about being ahead of its time... Not really certain the times ever DID catch up to the K1, actually. Or time caught up and passed it all in a brief (very brief) flash moment.... BIG points in the "design ethic" category but practicality is where it counts.


On further looking (NO, I do NOT always take a second look before hitting "submit")

that isn't a K1... Looks like a full-on Hannigan (?) fairing + bodywork, tricked-to-the-hilt K100? Double WOW and one WTF.

Second opinions on this, please? Anyone seen this get-up before?
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