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3x medicals is an internet myth. Medical bills can often be irrespective of "pain and suffering." If you broke your femur, what would it cost for an x-ray and setting it? What if you had what appeared to be a bruise, but it was DVT and you had relatively inexpensive treatments for over a year? How much would the treatment cost relative to the mental anguish, or having your leg up or discomfort sleeping?

To put it more clearly, you can have a $1.5k broken bone bill on a weight bearing bone that disrupts every aspect of your life. It's not then a $4.5 settlement. Then, someone with a soft tissue injury that goes to a chiro, acupuncturist and massage therapist might rack up $10k in meds. It doesn't mean someone with a broken leg/arm gets $4.5 and someone with a soft tissue injury gets $30k. Medical bills, chart notes and records only provide the information to evaluate the injury, not a matrix or multiplier. Just doesn't work that way, and it tends to set people up for disappointment when this rumor gets repeated. There is so much more involved in injury settlement, medical bill amounts are one of the least important, least relevant to the settlement amount.
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