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The GS felt like a street bike with wide bars to me. Nice plush ride. Just the way it sat and less leg room.
The leg room isn't that much different:

82 degrees on the Tenere, 81 on the BMW. The leg positioning is slightly different - more so than in the picture above, but it makes it feel like there is more leg room, but my knees are pretty much the same. I had some photos of me sitting on the GS and the Tenere in the same position, very, very similar photo angle and it shows pretty much exactly the same as above.

I had a GS Adventure seat on the GS and lower foot pegs. Made it more open than the Tenere (though not as much as indicated in the image below, it's just a little less, still more than either Tenere or standard GS):

All images with 6' rider, 34" inseam.

The Tenere feels small when sitting on it compared to either of the GS models. The 2013 GS model feels a little closer in size to the Yamaha due to the new cockpit layout, it doesn't feel as far away as on the current model.
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