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let's start the new etap with some appetizers :

there will be food
lot's of food, and I actually didn't loose weight as usuall on a trip and as hoped

Foto by Oliver

and bikes, again lots of bikes

the rather less brilliantly colored fotos are usually made by Birol with his mobile phone

bikes, actually rather strange bikes sometimes, and the people who ride them

but we have still the 28th of September and a long ride through the Bulgarian Countryside ahead of us.

Yummy, that's swine on the lorry.
Unfortunately we often didn't ride the real small roads, which are real a lot of fun - to far to go to Slavisa's place in eastern Serbia.

but there were enough funny roads left

and on and on, kilometer after kilometer, hour after hour

I definitely have to come back to this beautiful country for a relaxed ride, before civilization as we know it takes over, here, too

stopping only once in a while for petrol, a cigarette and coffee

very much prevalent transport mode

approaching the city of Montana and getting nearer the Danube plain

petrol and some snacks at a gas station in Montana

empty or nearly empty soviet-style office buildings doting the landscape

and then very suddenly we were at the border, a very small border crossing near Vidin and a Bulgarian Border police office who rode a Jawa 250 for 5 years.

This was very much one pic after the other, but then that's somehow how this day was; riding through a beautiful country, but with time pressing down to arrive at our day's goal - somehow I have a bad talent to choose to long ride etaps, also on other rides

chow call, read you later resp. see you on the serbian side
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