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Originally Posted by madeouttaglass View Post
What's too bad is the salesman was a douche. As I said, I agreed to his price and did my best to put down a deposit. I will continue to buy out of state. I can't afford new and the NY salt eats things up. My 12 year old Tundra has had more than it's share of salt related issues. I saw plenty of smaller Tacomas in mint shape when we were out west this past spring. I'll probably end up riding the FJR out west to find one next spring, then load the bike into whatever I find there.
Its funny because when i was looking for my truck i delt with all the chevy dealers around and they'd sell the truck or just plain not bother dealing with you. I had given up when i spotted my trucj sitting at the toyota dealer so went in and next day picked it up getting a year older truck but was a crew cab and less miles.
I agree with you on the rust because my old truck the bodym engine/tranny were all good and all the maintence stuff i had replaced but the underside was just eating away and could see the writing on the wall so traded it off. I do like your plan and your bike is one i've been dreaming over.
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