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Originally Posted by madeouttaglass View Post
I will continue to buy out of state. I can't afford new and the NY salt eats things up. My 12 year old Tundra has had more than it's share of salt related issues. I saw plenty of smaller Tacomas in mint shape when we were out west this past spring.there.
Those smaller Tacomas are just the right size, I understand the disappointment with the sale process. He should have called you (even if collect) to give you a chance to pay your deposit.

But the reason for this reply is:

RUSTCHECK: The day I took the '99 4Runner from the dealership I drove straight to the rustproofer. Researched the three major offerings in the market at the time (took samples home and used salt spray and heat... retentive? yes, but a truck is a lot of cash to just trust marketers).
After these many years the SR5, 5 speed, white, 160.000 Kms is still mint. I reapplied every November (unless traveling) before the salt gets used.
So no signs of the "R" thing. It drives around Toronto & parks underground (mildly heated).

You must have rustproofers in your area. If not, drive North and use the brand above. The right applicator is key, but mine is far from the border.
Note that the rubbers will soften and expand with the oil they spray, but if you just keep an eye on the sipping and clean for about 3 days after the application they don't degrade.

Enjoy your next Toyota!

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