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Looking for luggage opinions... I've looked through the entire thread (165 pages ) Seen some nice options... Was originally thinking metal mules but they're pricey and not completely sure I want boxes. Some really nice tail bag/tank bag combos (wolfman) have some nice bags. Pelicans and ammo cans... Anyone use giant loop basin bag? What are people using for, let's say a moto camping setup on your scrams? Or on a trip?

Thanks in advance
I *might* be a tad biased, but I honestly believe Kriega makes the best gear out there for a variety of reasons. Hopefully, the fact that these shots were taken waaaay before I became the distributor for them in the US, bears that claim out. Paid full price for all of everything! What you see there is essentially the UScombo40 (40 liters is plenty for any weekend ride), used in various different configurations, including - with the help of the optional US Tank adapter - as a tank bag.

I still use precisely the same bags, although I have since upgraded to the new Alloy Hook Strap mounting system and picked up a US-30 Drypack to build bigger combos for longer trips and another US-10 to use up front. Camping gear goes on the rack, everything else on the rear seat and a little 10-liter tank bag up front.

I actually just sold this bike and am in the process of building a new one, for which I'll have some racks fabbed up to accommodate the new Overlander 60 soft pannier system, which will be pretty sweet. That way I can free up some rear seat real estate to take the missus on extended rides... along with a couple of RotopaX fuel cans to make up for the woeful tank range on these splendid machines.

Full spec at

Let me know if you need any more info.



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'Ave it.

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