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Originally Posted by gravityisnotmyfriend View Post
IMHO, taking a vintage bike and cafe'ing it is pointless. I own a '71 350 so I am a member of a board dedicated to these parallel twin bikes. I see so many people destroying these perfectly good bikes. For what?

Back in the day, you stripped all the excess weight, and re-positioned the handlebars and footpegs for maximum tuck. This could get you the most speed out of your bike and the cafe racer was born. But there is nothing you can do to a Honda CB 350 to make it compete with a 250 ninja. You want speed? Buy a fucking sport bike -any modern sport bike - and you'll have more performance and handling then you'll every get out of an old honda.

So what? You're doing it for the style? Cafe racers were never about style. They were about performance. Those clipons make the poor bike look sad. Like a dog with droopy ears. Most of the cheap cafe mods actually decrease the performance. I've seen people replace the stock airboxes with cheap pod filters, then actually have to jet down to get their bike to run right due to decreased airflow through the carbs.

I agree. This cafe resurgence is pretty sad.
I built this up in the late 70's, sold it a couple of years ago...
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