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Two Saturdays ago a young guy ran a stop sign and T boned me in the intersection. Both were one-way city streets. I was doing about 20mph and he was doing maybe 15mph. It was dark and I had no eye contact. I thought he was stopping until he drove right into me. He was looking for a parking spot and missed the sign.

His insurance company didn't flinch. My insurance company (USAA) kept me informed. No deductable will be charged me.

In 1989 I stopped at a traffic light on highway 68 between Salinas and Monterey. Old woman in a Caddy plowed right into my rear, totalling the car. I had young son in the back seat in a car seat.

Old woman's insurance company replaced my car and chased me for a PI release for a year. Since no injury surfaced for son, I finally took a payment in exchange for the release.

I think you only need a lawyer when you have a lot of money at stake.
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