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Keep moving south!

Hey, Ulyses

We are really, really enjoying your adventures.

It sounds like you made a good decision to leave San Pedro. Some day, when you are much older, you will return and discover that you don't hate the place. In the meantime, forget about it and move on. You have many great experiences ahead of you, I am sure.

Now, on that power sliding HD of yours, we will all be VERY interested in what happens to it. This thread is building into a novel, with many interesting sub-plots (kindly Guatemalan women/tuk-tuk drivers/shop owners, protagonist with a good heart but who can't weld to save his life, evil brother who mods the HD in the protagonist's absence, girlfriend waiting at the airport in Peru...). So far you have sucked in a couple dozen readers, I think.


Disclaimer to Mr. ACY: The above character description bears no resemblance to any real person.
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