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Originally Posted by BuckMoto View Post
Hi snowhawk! Just looked at the credits at the end of the Icon movie. Was the whole thing filmed in Oregon? Makes sense as that would have been ridiculously expensive otherwise! You must be the "Justin" listed as the "Operations Manager" and also in the "Extras". Very cool! Did you have to fill in for the getting sideways parts! I did not realize that there was such varied terrain in Oregon.

Thumper996- Best of luck with the surgery. Hope it ends up better than new so you can post more of those bitchin' knee dragging videos.
No, no, no, I've been misunderstood entirely!(and classic that there is a "Justin" in the credits!!) I was implying that I would have "cleared up" their problem with the snowed in tree riding. Had they a proper guide, to access the right snow depth for their bikes and tires, it would have been a blast to watch them tear through the deep snow packed forest roads. As it was, hardly as much fun to watch the predictable falling over and such...

anyway, hope to clear up the misunderstanding
eta: meaning I had nothing to do with the ICON affair, just was talking shit about their guide for the snow section;)
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