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First off, love the bike. I've had it for about 2 weeks and already put 500 miles on it, most recently almost 300 in Moab for Thanksgiving weekend. That said, I had a starting (id10t error) issue I wanted to ask about.

I shut it down after a run but did not turn the key off. In a few hours, the light completely drained the battery. I figured, no big deal, I'll kick it over, do a run, and let the bike recharge the battery.

First, this thing is HARD to kick over. Never once did we get it anywhere near started. So, we decided a bump start was in order. We ran it down a hill, put it in second and popped the clutch. After hearing the engine turn over more than a dozen times, sputtering the hole way, it died.

At this point, I am thinking (WTF), is this a FI issue? Does it require having some battery power to start? I can't believe this is the case, since the non-EXC bikes don't have a battery, but it gets stranger...

We then tossed in the towel, pulled off the seat, and jump started it. The weird thing is, it started immediately, but as soon as we removed the cables it died. We actually had to leave the cables on for a minute or two, while the bike was running, before we could remove them and it would stay running on it's own (regardless of throttle position and RPMs). It's like we had to use the alternate power source to keep the bike running until the battery had recharged enough.

Obviously this is concerning for any endurance type ride, like the 170 mile desolate White Rim Trail we did while in Moab.

Anyone encounter this issue? Any ideas on what I was doing wrong (and yes, the key was on the entire time)?
2013 KTM 350 exc-f
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