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Originally Posted by dochstader View Post
In the past 20 years, I have owned one (troublesome) GS, and 8 KLRs.
That sums up my answer to your question!

El Mur.
That's funny because I had a KLR and it was the biggest POS I ever owned. Bought it new, it was nothing but trouble, spent more than half the time I owned it in the shop for warranty or down for maintenance of one kind or another. Oh, my favorite part, was that I only had it 2 years and it was worth half of what I paid for it when I sold it.

My 1200GS on the other hand has been flawless and truly capable of taking what I have dished out at it and more.

I'm sure the R100GS would be the same.

KLR advantages.... Cheap!

GS advantages.... Everything else!
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