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Originally Posted by Saltydog86 View Post
I copied this from a memebers post @ ktmtalk....hope it explains why you had the issue.

And, 2stamp, get rid of the WRR and get thsi will be happy you did!

"I could not find a fix for the dead battery starting issue in the thread. If I have missed it, sorry.

I did read all of peoples accounts a while back, and while attending the KTM Adventure Rally in my home town of Bend, Oregon, I had the opportunity to ask the KTM tech a few questions. Kyle (KTM Master Adventure Tech) was familiar with our dead battery plight. He mentioned he had success starting a 350excf with a dead battery with the help of a 9v battery. Yes, a 9v battery. The fuel injection system needs 9 volts to operate, and that is what prevents our FI bikes from starting. Kyle had mentioned he had come up with a design for a 9 volt/capaciter fix for the bike, and had shopped it to a few companies with no success.

Kyle said that if you carried a 9V battery with some connection jumpers, you could start the bike with it. He said to idle the bike for at least 10 minutes without reving the throttle. If you rev it or turn on any accessories, it will most likely stall out.
I am willing to bet there is enough room under the seat for a 9v battery and some wires.

I have not tried this, but it sounds sane to me"
Interesting... I may have to disconnect the battery and see if this will work. I assume that when they say "you could start the bike with it" then mean kick start it. I have a hard time believing the electric start would work via 9v battery.

I'll post up the results, but currently my bike is at a friends, so it will be a few days.

More thoughts, info, and comments welcome!
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