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Originally Posted by toddzacker View Post
So got the TKC's here tomorrow... Matt at Street Rockets of Va hooked me up with both front & rear under $300. Now where to get them put on? I heard of two guys put by West Point, can someone PM me the guys?

Eddy- I was looking at Jan for the BMW school. I have a $650 credit there I need to use.
If I were home in Va, you could change the tires at my place,( for my weight in Sam's....) we could even balance them if you wanted.

But don't let the siren song of knobbies make you think it's the only way to be invincible. Slap a TKC on the front, and run a Tourance rear, and you can hang in 90% of the stuff most do, at $200 less cost. Trust me, it is the front that goes the majority of the time.

Just my .02 cents from a true poverty rider....

(if I'm in town, my shop is yours. My advice and tools? Now that is another matter entirely...)

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