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Okay guys, thanks for your patience in sticking with me!

I have finally been in the mood to write again and have done two entries which I need to edit and post up. I'll try to do replies tonight. Paypal donation link on my website will be forthcoming - rules in this forum prohibit soliciting donations, so I won't be posting it here directly. I don't want to get on anybody's bad side. I will write a note when it is up and give a link to my blog.

I found a source of cheap xrays (this is a funny story that I will get to in due time) and discovered that I do in fact have a fracture on the radius below the base of the thumb, but the scaphoid is thankfully fine. If I were to translate this into medical speak, I believe it would be called a minor fracture of the radial styloid process. It is small and did not appear to be displaced at all, so I have it in a soft splint and have been trying not to use it. I did need to fix a flat from running over a 2-3" rivet - pointy side up of course - and that was... a unique challenge with the broken wrist. I ended up using my bare feet as a second pair of very clumsy hands, as I still can't kneel on my right knee without a lot of pain (the bruise is still healing). I got a couple of pinch flats but eventually triumphed. I need to get a new rear tire soon anyways, I'll just replace the tube and get more patches while I'm at it.

The current plan is to wait another week and get it xrayed again to see if it is knitting. If it isn't, I'll need to go see a Real Doctor and possibly get it pinned in place or something expensive. I feel like it is knitting, before I knew that it was broken and was still using it here and there, the strength was slowly returning, but it may have just been the ligaments fixing themselves. I don't have an ETA until I leave, I really just want to take as much time as my wrist needs, if I have another altercation and the bone isn't completely healed, it's likely to break much worse.

I've been a bit frustrated because the application on my droid which makes the HDR photos quit working, leaving me with 3 seperate photos (for hundreds of pictures) and no way to knit them together. Luckily I "found" the latest version of a highly popular but overpriced photo editing software, and it has a feature to knit those together quite well, so that's a huge relief!

I have been riding a little bit, on surface streets across town. Even without luggage, without riding pants, without being really free and on the road, it's good to be on two wheels again. I go a little crazy when I'm cooped up in a house and I think that contributed to binging on escapism and being in a bit of a bad place mentally.

Luckily I am in a better place now and I can start getting things back in order! I hope all has been well for you guys, and that you had a good Thanksgiving!
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