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The words for today are "hot and dusty". Left our room in good hands this morning.

This guy was hanging out in the eave spout outside our room.
First stop was the banco to change some money. Got there a little early so we checked out the beach.

After the banco and breakfast we headed to Montezuma. I cant really say we were off roading since this is what passes for a road down here.

Of course the pictures don't do it justice.
Met this guy on the way but this hill is steeper than it looks so I wasn't going to stop to chat.

Had some great views once we got up top.

And I love the trees down here.

While we were stopped for these pictures a younger couple came by on a 4 wheeler. They stopped for a minute and told us at first they thought we were the police. We'll run into them later. Once we were down towards the coast we ran into some actual road work.

Even before the repairs the road looked pretty good compared to what we had just road. There was a pretty nice house in that area, maybe someone with a little pull. Eventually found the coast and headed towards Montezuma.

Montezuma really didn't impress us much so we went to see the waterfalls. This is when we ran into the 4 wheeler couple again. They said they had a guide coming so we just headed back towards the falls.

On our way back we ran into a guy I think was named San and he asked if we wanted a guide. Wouldn't say how much just that he worked for tips. Didn't speak much english tho. What the hell we said ok and off we went.

Check out the guy diving on the right side of the pix. Our guide dove later but I didn't get a very good shot. If you look in the waterfall at the whitest part you can see an image that resembles a person. I didn't see it at first but Tammy pointed it out. Good luck seeing it. San kept wanting to take pictures of us so we finally let him. This is me and the misses.

When we were leaving to go to the upper falls we ran into our 4 wheeler friends. Their guide was a no show and when we said where we were headed they joined us. Now getting to the upper falls is no easy task. This is pretty much what all the trail looked like.

By the way the third one in line from the top is the other guys wife. No good pictures of her and it's a good thing. I would have lost you guys with short attention spans. Once up top our guide showed off some more of his diving skills. I think he wanted to impress us so he could charge more.

This is our gang minus the 4 wheeler couple (never got their name).

Now let me show you a picture of his helper Lola. And then I'll tell you why.

Once we got back down to the bike we started to settle up. I gave him about 8 to 10 bucks and the other couple were going to do the same. When I handed him our share I could see he expected more. He finally said a guide gets 10mil colons, or just over 20 bucks. I went ahead and paid him and the other couple asked it that covered all of us. He didn't say anything so they gave hime some more. Not as much as us but then he was real happy. Back when he told me 10mil he said 6 for him and 4 for Lola. I really didn't mind the price and it was nice to have someone show us around but I wont hire another guide until I get the price first.
Next was lunch in Montezuma, our first that was less than great. Trying to leave town was another story. When we came in for lunch they had the bridge closed due to road work on the other side. No problem for a bike. When we left they had the whole road torn up so even a bike couldn't get through. We had to go out another way and go into Santa Teresa the way we did the day before.

Tomorrow we have a long ride and I'm going to take as many back roads as I can. Going to make for a long day but when we get to St Elena it should be cooler.
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