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Originally Posted by Gryphon12 View Post
I'm finding that this discussion is being repeated on a lot of threads across the ADVRider spectrum, from dirt bikes to street tourers...

...Others are carrying small Li-ion battery packs as backups for their lead-acid primary batteries when riding the far reaches of beyond...

...The bottom line - protect your bike's battery. With FI bikes, get in the habit of turning them off with the key ALL the time (assuming your bike has one). If you have to use the Kill Switch, get in the habit then turning off the key. Most of us don't use this procedure enough to make it a habit, but with FI / ECU sophistication come new REQUIREMENTS that need new riding habits.
Thank you for the post, it was very informative.

Quoting a few sections, I will definitely do more searching on the topic before doing anything.

I've already had discussions and thoughts on carrying a spare, good to know others are doing this.

As for the habit, I need to figure this one out... I always use the key, except when I am on an incline and want to shut it off in gear, because I am using the hand brake to hold it in place (which is what I did last weekend). Perhaps I will force myself to use the foot brake when needing to turn off on an incline and just discontinue use of the kill switch except in emergency situations.

Thanks again!
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