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Originally Posted by Unleaded View Post
Good to hear. I'm on the hunt for a Griso currently, and have dreams of a 1400 later as funds grow and the 1400's depreciate.
Owning a Guzzi is definitely an acquired ... habit. Seriously try to get a test ride before buying.

Even then, the first 300 miles after buying you ask yourself "This thing is not normal. WTF did I just do???" Then it begins to grow on you and you start to make mental adjustments. After a couple of thousand you're either smitten by it, or you desperately want to unload it. I don't have a lot of experience on modern Guzzis, but I suspect the effect is much lessened today.

I really want a test ride on a 1400. It appears to be the modern Eldo that I've spent years trying to turn my bike into, with factory support and modern technology.
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