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Day 6:
The last 4 days have been like a John Mayer song .I don’t know what direction it’s going. I just need to hang on. The outcome will be good but don’t even try and figure out where it’s going. Jesse and Jon pack up and take off. I’m sorry to see them go.
By the time anyone is even close to being ready to ride it’s noon. I have decided to take a rest day. I am alive and happy after 4 straight days and 680 miles off road .It’s time to take a break. Pete, Rob and Jimmy have decided the same. The rest of the guys are going to ride the ridge top single track that the “Ramblers” have told us about that makes a 270 degree loop around the hot springs. Tom, Mikey, Mark, Chris and Robert (on Jimmy’s 2012 350 EXC) are soon gone.

Wait till Mark hits the technical singletrack and you'll see what that street DRZ can do.

Rob and Jimmy are heading to Dyer for more beer and fireworks after dropping Mike and Rick off on the pass road for a mtn. bike ride. Pete and I will take Tom’s truck up to the pass after they return. We will pick up Mike and Rick and fill the truck with firewood before returning to camp. We wander around camp collecting Apache Tears (small round chunks of obsidian that abound around the area), soaking in the springs and generally taking it easy. After a while Rob and Jimmy are back. Pete and I grab the truck and a few beers and head up the mountain. About 15 miles from camp we find Rick. He wants to keep riding so we leave him and continue uphill. Another few miles and we encounter Mike bombing downhill. He has been to the pass and back and is ready to throw the bike in the truck and help us load the truck with firewood. We head back up a little ways and pull off at a heavily wooded area. Within 30 minutes we have the truck jammed with wood. Rick rides up, we throw his bike in and all 4 of us head back to camp. We stop for some cool sunset photos before arriving at camp.

At camp we unload all the wood and as I pull the truck back into it’s spot I run over one of Tom’s crates (the one with the chain lube and oil). Uh, sorry dude….nothing is destroyed. Right after that the other guys pull in. The single track was fun and Jimmy’s bike has some new damage to the plastic, they will work it out.

Dinner is all the left over stuff. It turns out to be potato, cheese, garlic, yam, salsa etc. burritos and is just as good as the previous nights were or better, all cooked in the fire. The fireworks fun is taken to a whole new level with roman candle duals and armloads of rockets “accidentally” dumped in the fire. Oh well, accidents happen. Too much fun

Diner cooking.

Milege…..?...whatever….0 for me.

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