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Originally Posted by DRTBYK View Post
Just to "play devils advocate" on this Tracking On/Off topic. If you have Tracking On then you are creating a "current track". When you turn Tracking Off, you no longer have a "Current Track" as soon as you move.

Personally, if I have recorded a Track I want to show on the map, I just Save the Current Track and name it. Then I can show it on the map any time I desire - or not.

I think the net on this topic of "Show - No Show" is that there are many reasons to do either. I think if Garmin would enable the Show on Map GPX Extension to stay with the Track data as it moves between GPS and BaseCamp just like they did with Color, then we could manage the various user scenarios a lot better.

Then again you can always use GPX data Map Overlays as has been mentioned and in use for many years.

So the Montana does not act like the 76 did. The 76, when you turned Tracking On and then Tracking Off you got a seperate file called AUTO LOG 001.........etc for each time you turn Tracking On then Off. So now I think what I am understanding, when you turn Tracking Off on the Montana, you need to save the current track manually before you move where the 76 use to automatically do it for you just by turning Tracking Off. BTW I am up to page 276 and have got alot of valuable insite so far.
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