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HYder Pt. 6

There was a little more to see, so after cruising around and actually getting off the bike for another picture, it was time to head back the way I came.


Looking at this again, I’m not quite sure at this point why saddlebags were necessary that day, one of the problems of procrastinating for two and a half years on a report or taking almost that long to get one done perhaps, but, anyways…

On the way up and out there was an awesome custom-built Overlander made from a 4WD Isuzu NPR with a log cabin built on the back. The mid 50's plus owners were calling Alaska home currently, and we chatted for a while. It is a shame that I didn't take a picture. He told me that he built a housing development and they are now retired, migrating north and south with the seasons. He custom built the log cabin all by hand and showed me in. As we were standing around, there was a rustle in the bushes and we stopped talking for a second.

We were on a wide pull-off, and it sloped down steeply. I peered over the ledge and there was a brown bear aka “grizzly” just 5 feet below, a big mangy one snacking on the blueberries. It moved around to the other side of the bush, and I wasn’t quick enough on the draw with the camera. It was a little too close of quarters too.

They retreated to the big silver screen of their Isuzu, no need for NatGeo, and I hopped on mine and hit play.
But soon after, I decided hit stop and snap another one of the same thing and again opting out of the shortcut, darn rocks.


Then hit play again and blasted up the dirt.

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