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I've just hotrodded the scoot!
I spose it was only a matter of time, I possibly, maybe, MIGHT have a bit of prior history........

I managed to add 7kph indicated to the top speed (averaged 3 runs, up and back, before and after, down a flat road with no wind), and it cost me all of $135 inc freight. Talk about bang for your buck.

Yep, I fitted a screen! I liked the look of the Puig City Touring, the mounts looked easy to use and/or modify to taste, and it fits well, quality product.

This a shot from the riders perspective, I've set it up so it has a slight rearwards angle that looks pleasing, and the height is level with my nose (6ft1, 34" inseam).

And if you are 1.12m tall, or 3ft8, like my just turned 4 yr old boy, it would protect you during a cyclone I rekn!

Very quiet at a 90kph cruise, wind goes just over my helmet. In case your size is different to mine, I still have 2" downwards, 2" upwards, and 2" forward/back range of adjustment.
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