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Originally Posted by ddlewis View Post
yup, that's what I've been doing also out of cheapness, of course. Except cheaper still with Shinkos @ $100/pair shipped. And it does work pretty good as long as you can avoid mud. Slip around a little but not too bad and get better road manners and mileage.

I've heard people call it (knobbyish front + road biased rear) a "mullet". So my bike has a mullet. I hereby name it Joe DRt.
So yesterday on the way home I remembered the thing I didn't like about the Shinko 244. You run out of tread if you lean to far. From the dirt on the tires, I could see I came within 1/4 inch of the edge of the tread on the front just riding home on Parham from Martins to Regency. Not like I was pushing it. I've seen you ride, you would find the edge. The 700s allow for much more lean angle. The TW302 on the back looked like I had stood up straight the whole way home. On the other hand it could just be I need air in the front tire.
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