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Originally Posted by HardWorkingDog View Post

Those aren't rocks, they're cobblestones! Yeah, that's it--it's a paved road after all.

Damn. You figured us out.

Originally Posted by scottmac View Post
What was up with that one guy standing in the middle of the road in your video???

I thought Matt was going to run him over before he waddled out of the way...
I know!
I guess he was just shocked at seeing a moto out there.
But, yeah - it's not like he didn't hear us coming. But he just stood there (Matt said, "like a cow!")

Originally Posted by Hobbes950 View Post
Those ants are pretty cool. They are sometimes called Cow Killer ants. They are actually wasps, and supposedly their sting is so painful, it would kill a cow. They are non aggressive, and their larvae feed ground dwelling bee or wasp larvae (read: YELLOWJACKETS) so I like them.
Thanks, hobbes!
I can't wait to get rid of my claw cramp...
So close!

Originally Posted by Nixels View Post
That song is OBSCENE!

Oh Nixels.
Nixels, Nixels, Nixels...
I forgot you were so delicate.

I guess you wouldnít like this one, either...

Originally Posted by redog1 View Post
Going to have to put that on my list for a weekend ride. Close enough to make Gold Lake the overnight destination. Maybe a little fishing. Nice !!!
Yes! Did you look at that PCQ link? You can catch the trail in Quincy.
It's real pretty. And, you'll like Butcher Ranch Rd (coming up).

Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
Climbing the mountain...
Originally Posted by oldtrucks View Post
but............why is he climbing that mountain?
Originally Posted by Rwelch360 View Post
Make Making love to the mountain your favorite!

I am glad you guys had a good thanksgiving!! I will continue to experiment with my GoPro until I find the perfect set up.
Holy crap.
Iím really going to miss you guys.

But, Iím happy to be getting my life back.

Day 53: 8/13/12 continued and finished
Ramhorn CG to home 335 miles

Butcher Ranch Road.

I tried to make Matt slow down for this sign.
My photo didnít turn out, but this screen shot kinda did.

This is a really nice ride, as long as itís not covered in snow.

More mule ears.

Similar terrain as Crane Mountain,
only much (MUCH) friendlier.


Alternating with meadows...

Minus the rocks (well, except for those ones at Gold Lake).

Thereís a water crossing, but itís not too bad.

Maybe a little long.

Thereís a pretty steep incline (going North to South), but it doesnít show up very well with the GoPro.

This spot is popular with mtn bikers, so watch out for bikes coming down.
(Weíve never seen them, but thatís what we hear)

Looking back at the trail...

Off to Sierra Buttes!

We considered going up to the lookout, but it was only fun last time because we went in the gate (following some jeeps).
Otherwise, itís a hell of a hike to the top.

Nah. Weíll skip it.

Sierra Buttes is so pretty.
Weíve gone both directions (up and down) - theyíre both nice.
But, I think you can appreciate the view more when youíre heading down...

Itís hard to notice those craggy rocks when youíre going up...

Man, I love riding at elevation.
Desert riding has its merits, but itís always nice to make love to the mountain.

We could really feel the temperature rising as we went down the hill.

It was getting mucking hot.

Must have been close to 90į and Sierra City is at 5,400 ft.

We had considered doing more of the PCQ, but after talking about it...
The trail itself wasnít bad, but we had just ridden a bunch of it around Memorial Day weekend.
With the temps being so high, neither one of us was excited about camping.

Screw it.
Letís go home.

As we got closer to Downieville, the river started to look mighty inviting...
We stopped.

Hmm. This doesnít look like the best way down...

Even this way wasnít great in Mx boots.

But look at that water!

I was super careful.
Wouldnít it suck to break a leg here?

You might notice that we were fully dressed walking down to the river...
We really like our KLIM gear, and it has been great to us.
It wasn't even that gross, considering that we lived in it day in, day out, for over 7 weeks.
Lots of get-offs, a couple crashes, pouring rain, hail, excessive (105į+) heat...
No problems.

But, itís so frickiní expensive, we canít just leave it on the bike.
Too paranoid.

All of that, just because I forgot to use that Arrested Development clip back when we were having get-offs...

Also, I wanted protection in case I scrubbed in the rocks.
I'm a spaz.
Matt was a little concerned...

He brought the GoPro with him, too.
Might as well see how it does in water...

I couldn't wait to jump in!

Here's looking upriver...

And, down.

No more shots of us, though.
Oh Hai! Weíre in our bathing suits...

Matt submerged the GoPro and swam around...
Here are some blurry rocks.
Crap. I thought I grabbed a clear screen shot.
Well, Iím not going to go back and take another one now...

That was a lot of fun! The water felt great.
It was hard to pull ourselves away from the river and get back on the bike...

Back on the road...
Iíve never seen one of these signs before...

Thought you guys might like this.

It was miserably hot from here on out. This was Auburn.

Vacaville (which we rode through on our way home) was even worse - record breaking heat, apparently.

Seeing these dead trees made me sad.

They were just a reminder that we were going back into civilization.
No more dancing nude in the forest with our pan flutes... a repeat, but me likey.

All of the West was on fire that day...
We saw smoke on Hwy 80.

this pic is mostly for larryboy. In case he doesn't see it enough...

And, then we were home.

We made it!
BigWan was pretty excited about it. Can you tell?

Tires - 1300 miles (roughly)

335 miles, pretty much.
Norm seems to have been scared straight. Good job, Norm!

I donít have a smashed up fire extinguisher pic, and I just wasnít feeling the ďfavorite thingsĒ ending video this time...

But, here...
Can you feel the happy?

We were trying to re-create the Casa Questor Happy Garage Dance.

What can I say? What a great mucking summer.
It was an awesome, awesome ride. 8400+ miles of kick ass (and ass-kicking) riding.

Best. Dirt Ride. Ever.

I canít think of a better way to celebrate 15 yrs of marriage (21 yrs of love). We don't really fight, I just wanted to use that clip!
Thanks for letting us share it with you!

This trip had lots of good stuff, but there were a few major highlights.

The KLIM rally.
Fantastic riding, fantastic people.

and, of course, Mad Radekís Canadian Lunacy Tour.
All of BC, really. Loved it there.
It was hard to choose just 1 video.

Our favorite riding is always the tough stuff. The challenging bits.
Back at the KLIM rally, after talking to Radek and getting excited about riding in BC,
Matt said we're like drug addicts - riding thousands of miles in search of "good shit"
Well, we found some good shit this summer.

Black Dragon/Eagle Canyon/Cat Canyon.

Porcupine Rim Trail.

Idaho single track (with Erik and Bartek and Radek).

Crane Mountain.

It was lovely.

I donít know where to go from here.
I told Matt this was such an incredible ride, I canít imagine finding anything better.
This might have been my Mr. Hollandís Opus.
I can't even fathom doing another ride report after this one.

Of course, I say that every time.
I'm dumb. I forget.

But, for now?
Thatís it, you guys! Ride report is over. Who wants cake?

Done and doner.

I guess now youíll all have to find some other way to look busy at work...

Iím just happy to have finished before the end of days.

Caught Matt humming the Tarako song the other night.
Heh. My work here is done.
(found one more tarako video! lucky yous!)

Thanks for reading, everyone!
I really appreciated all the fun reader participation, too.
It wouldn't have been the same without your input!

The Wans

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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