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Originally Posted by gravityisnotmyfriend View Post
Back in the day, you stripped all the excess weight, and re-positioned the handlebars and footpegs for maximum tuck. This could get you the most speed out of your bike and the cafe racer was born. But there is nothing you can do to a Honda CB 350 to make it compete with a 250 ninja. You want speed? Buy a fucking sport bike -any modern sport bike - and you'll have more performance and handling then you'll every get out of an old honda.
I've had plenty of modern bikes, and I've got a number of vintage bikes at the moment. Honestly, the modern bikes bore me. Taking my modern Triumph Speed Triple around a 35mph turn at 70mph makes me yawn. Fighting my '69 Suzuki T500 around the same corner at 50mph is thrilling and fun. That's why I labour for hours and hours to modify/improve/fix my old bikes... they are much more fun to ride

About a month ago I went riding on my '69 Honda 350. I was riding with a Honda 919, Ducati 916, '88 BMW GS and a 2000ish BMW K1200. We took a fairly 'technical' road and the GS rider and I had to wait more than 20 minutes on the other side for the others to catch up. I still need to modify my pegs to that I don't grind them off.

Originally Posted by High Country Herb View Post
I disagree.

Saving every last vintage motorcycle is like designating every old building as "historical". Eventually you're going to run out of room and steel. The reality is that every bike will eventually be melted down and re-cycled; maybe in 5 years, maybe in 500. The whole point of the motorcycle is to have fun with it. Ape hangers or clip-ons; if it brings more people to motorcycling we all win from motorcycle friendly laws, more aftermarket support, etc. Sure, they charge way more than I would pay, but I don't care what they spend their money on.

For instance: What's wrong with cutting up an 80's dual sport to create something fun?
Best post I've read in a while. I couldn't agree more.
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