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GSF 1250 crash and aftermath

Hi all!

I recently had a crash on my beloved Bandit. Some idiot did not stop at a red light (happens often here in Cambodia) and I screwed up my panic stop. It was wet and my front wheel locked up. The rest is a bit blurry, but the bike basically fell on its right side. I was going around 30 to 40 KM/H. Did not impact another vehicle.
My helmet is basically destroyed, and visor popped out. My right shoulder has a massive road rash, as well as my two hands. I was lucky.


- Bent radiator
- Destroyed exhaust
- Broken right passenger peg
- Broken front right turn signal
- Scratched up right crankcase cover
- Slightly bent handlebars
- Broken front fairing

Now, I live in Cambodia, where parts are rare, just like good mechanics.
I ordered all the required parts from BikeBandit, they should be here shortly. I also repaired the fairing and repainted it, looks like new.
After making sure the radiator was still working (fan turns itself on) I took the bike for a spin.
Immediately, I noticed that the steering was off.

Going straight, it's slightly wobbly.
Leaning into a turn, it's stiff and heavy.
Going out of a turn, it tends to overcompensate: goes straight but I have to make some input to stop the bike from leaning to the other side.
There's a slight tendency for the bike to go to the left.

I have the following question: What could cause these symptoms? Bent fork? It was a low-inpact crash. I basically fell from the bike, but did not crash *into* something. As far as I can see, the fork is straight.
Could it be the front wheel? The tyres? Could the crash have put the triple tree out of alignment?
I can't see anything abnormal.

Any suggestions appreciated.
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