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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
If your offer was reasonable and you were someone worthy of helping (not an arrogant demanding buffoon) you would get a yes. If your offer is NOT reasonable you would get a "NO" and shown a bike that you could buy for that much. If you replied like an arrogant buffoon you would be escorted out the door.

A fistful of cash matters LESS than a smile and a jovial personality. Be someone they want to help and you will stand a better chance of getting what you want. The stack of hundreds only shows you are able. Show them you are worthy... Tell them you are able and leave the cash in your pocket.
Had to reread this a couple times to make sure I read it correctly. As a customer, I need to prove I'm worthy of your product? Seriously? I need to be personable and witty to make a deal at your shop? Doesn't sound like the retailer/customer relationship I'm familiar with.

I contend you've got it 180 degrees out of phase here. The retailer needs to prove to me that he's worthy of my cash/business.

Had a dealer that I gave most of my new bike business and all of my parts/gear/accessories business for close to ten years. I spent an average of $5-6000/year in there. Shopping for a new bike last year, I called him (the owner) with a price I wanted to pay on a new bike. I had that price in hand from another dealer and asked if he'd match it. He told me he wouldn't take less than about 15% more than that. He's got his own methods and practices for staying in business and has been around for a good while. Went to the other dealer and bought the bike and took the rest of my business with me. In the previous ten years, I'd sent him plenty of other business and I've been more than "jovial" during that time. I know all the employees in parts and most in service and saw them off hours at races, etc.

I've been jovial, friendly, loyal and sent him business as well as spending well over $50K in there, but apparently that wasn't enough to even get a price match on a soon to be leftover model new bike. The other dealer was friendly to me and went above and beyond, in my opinion, what someone should do to get and keep a customer. I'll be damned if I'm going to be made to feel that it's MY job to make the dealer feel loved.
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