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For the last 15 months, my Tmax has been my only street bike (besides my Agility scooter). After 40 years of riding motorcycles, I was not sure if I would miss a regular motorcycle, but I don't. The Tmax is perfect for the street and the way I ride. It is far more comfortable than any motorcycle I have ever owned, it has better wind and weather protection, it handles better (a very nice surprise) with crisp turn in and a combination of flingability and stability that encourages very enthusiastic asphalt dancing. No chicken strips at all - this bike loves to corner. The built in storage is a convenience I would not want to give up and the CVT has been the answer for my injured left hand. Gas mileage is excellent - my last road trip averaged 58 mpg. I have no desire to go back to a street motorcycle, although if I ever get this back problem cured, I would like to add a 250cc dual sport to the stable - the only thing the Tmax can't do is go dual sporting.
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