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Originally Posted by Laura0107 View Post
I added a 98-mile loop that connects to the MEOW in two different places. See the cyan-colored track below. The cyan part is 98 miles; the existing blue MEOW part of it on the east is probably about 20-25 miles. The two places where it connects to the MEOW are in Livingston and on Poole's Mill Road. It's a lot of dirt; I'd say 70-80% dirt. The most northwest point of it is in the town of Ridge Spring. There's some scenic rolling countryside over that way. I wanted to take the new loop's northeastern leg all the way up to Cayce, but there just wasn't enough dirt to the north to suit me.

Except for Ridge Spring and Livingston/Neeses, I purposely avoided towns on this loop, but they're nearby if you need gas (Wagener, Salley, Pelion, North, Swansea).

Next I want to take it from Ridge Spring over into the Long Cane district of the Sumter NF, then swoop down to the Augusta Stagecoach Road area, then tie in to a southern point on the HO-CAT.

Have fun!
SAWEEET!!! It'd be great if we can get a large portion of the dirt roads mapped out.

Next time you go exploring shoot me a PM and maybe I can ride along.
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