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It's worse when the "arrogant, obnoxious prick" is family. Family will do and say things nobody else will, because they've got an 'in' at the dealership. Either gross them, or let somebody else sell them.

I have to second the comments about mutual respect made above. I get to deal with people all day, and the polite ones get the extra efforts. The jerks get what's required, no more. They'll complain to management and tube you on a survey even if you go 110%, because they're jerks. I save my best efforts for those who appreciate it.

Why do people piss off people they want something from? We just banned a customer who has completely alienated the sales and service staff by being a loud, demanding, arrogant asshole to every one, every time he came in. Complained to the manufacturer when we wouldn't do stuff for free, tanked us on a survey for reasons that had nothing to do with his service, and then refused to pay charges he'd authorized, claiming he 'thought it was warranty'. And more. Now, to get anything done, he gets to drive almost 200 miles to the nearest other dealer.

A little politeness goes a long way. I don't think people realize how much ability dealership staff has to make things better for the customer.... or not.

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