Thread: Is Mexico Safe?
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OK, I'll say it. Mexico has it's own xhit-hole towns too! I can truthfully say that the traffic swallowed me up & spit me out when I passed through several. "If there was"(and there's some truth therein) a way to enjoy certain places/towns here & in Mexico-it's on foot! Some parts of Mexican towns(even some of the best ones & same in USA) can be very nasty in a variety of ways. Streets full of trash piled everywhere & blowing hither & yon! Streams dry or flowing with straight pipes & you name it in them. Do I love Mexico;YES! Does it have its nasties;YES!
Talking about the USA's worst ten anything reminds me of the many lists of best colleges,best party towns,best place to retire,on & on,we all,like they say, have one, don't we? I def. don't want to live in SA,TX but had a fun couple of days there once.
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