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Originally Posted by cliffy109 View Post
Nope. He has it right. The arrogant, obnoxious prick customer is often the one who gets the best "deal" but that guy whom little money is made is often also the one who demands favors and extras down the line and the one who kills you on a customer satisfaction survey. It isn't worth selling vehicles to people like that. The cost to the dealer outweighs the of the benefits of the sale. The friendly, respectful customer is the one we should be giving the better deals to because in the long run, that's who we develop positive relationships with. It doesn't always work out that way because pushy and loud people are often very difficult to reject.

Your story is a sad tale to me. If you had such a good relationship with that dealer, why did you need to shop his price? Sounds like it wasn't such a good relationship after all. Who knows... maybe your story is complete and the dealer was foolish. Then again, maybe the other dealer had an incentive the first one didn't and was able to make a deal your original guy couldn't. Maybe the original dealer had a good reason why he couldn't come down on that particular model and maybe he tried everything he could to make the deal make sense for all parties.

Maybe the dealer looked at your history and realized that while you spent lots of money with him, he wasn't actually making any money and that you were costing him an inordinate amount of time and aggravation. I don't know. I wasn't there but your story is VERY familiar to me.
I had to re-read Dakez' post and I think I was able to draw out the point he was making, but I was also a bit surprised by his statement to prove myself worthy to buy the product. I don't think I have to prove myself worthy, just able to buy what is being sold. How I go about proving myself able to buy it is the art. Charm, personality, please and thank you, dignity, respect - in short, good home training - demonstrate I'm able to buy the bike, or whatever, in a better manner than being a prick. But at no time do I think I have to prove myself worthy of buying the bike.
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