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Originally Posted by thumpergirl View Post
I do use a GPS but I still never have any idea where I am.
That's funny. My wife is like that. When she goes riding, I always put our one and only bike GPS on her bike. Even when we're together so that if we got separated she could get home on her own.

But I'm not sure if she would actually be successful, she's never had to use it. The way she uses GPS in the car is that she relies on Voice Directions. She also has no idea where she is, just does as she's told by the voice in the machine. It mystifies her when I look at the screen map and say "No, I don't want to go that way" and take a different turn until it re-routes. But we don't have voice, or at least it's not set up, on the bike GPS.

She's 5'-3" so a little taller than OP, she weighs around 105 # and currently rides an XT-225. But it's a little heavy for her to pick up; if there is help around she will utilize it. Relative to her body weight it is like me picking up my Adventure 990 and if there is help around to pick that up, I will use it too.
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