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Originally Posted by tvscum View Post
I researched Excel rims a few months back. Excel told me they only make silver to fit the scrambler, not black. Do you have any idea what Woody's will charge? I assume you would ship them your OEM hubs and have them laced up.

I bent one rim already and sent it to Buchanan's to be straightened for about $110. I bent it again recently and pounded it out (almost). Then, my buddy told me, "Hey, if you had aluminum rims on that Scrambler the rim would break instead of bend." Any truth to that statement? I know the aluminum is stronger, but I would rather bend than break.
Standard Excels do only seem to come in silver, but Woody's can powder coat the rims before assembling for an additional $150. You can send them your OEM hubs, or also get a set of Talon ones to fit. I'd get a quote direct from Woody's, but you'll be looking at something in the region of $1,100 for a pair of rims, built with 40-count SuperSize SuperLace stainless spokes and nipples. Then there's the powder coating cost and extra if you want the rims sealing for tubeless.

The short travel suspension on the Scram is going to definitely increased the risk of damaging wheels, whether that be cracked or bent. With godawful stock suspension, those chances are dramatically increased, so if you haven't already it makes sense to upgrade the shocks and forks to start with before dropping big bucks on snazzy rims.

If you have already replaced those parts with something good and adjustable and set them up for rough riding, you'll be in the same boat as me. So, I guess we'll find out if anything less than 6" travel results in busted wheels of some description, no matter how good the rims are.

Regardless, I'm going to give it a shot.
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