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Originally Posted by tvscum View Post
There is no information on Woody's web site specific to Triumph Modern Classics.

I emailed Woody's about fitting a Scrambler and here's the quote:

"We can lace new black 19 x 2.5, and 17 x 3.5 excel rims to your stock hubs. They will require new spokes, which we can build stronger wheels when we replace them with new ones. The excel rims only come in silver, which we have to strip and re-anodize to make them colors. If you sent in your hubs, we can lace them with new black excel rims, stainless spokes/nipples for $1100 + shipping. We also can seal tube type wheels for tubeless tires, they do have to be 19'' and smaller. We only charge $99 per wheel and they come with a 1 yr. warranty against issues with the seal."

I believe Buchanan's will do black Sun rims with SS spokes for about $1,000 + shipping for the pair. The Buchanan site also only lists Excel rims in silver. I am sure they could re-anodize them black for a fee too. I am seeing some special requirements for the rear spokes listed on the Buchanan site for Modern Classics, including the Scrambler:

At the bottom of that page it says for the rear:

"Cast aluminum hub is all inside laced. Slightly smaller diameter on brake side and requires four different spokes. Most stock spokes were 7-8 gauge. These spokes are larger than stock diameter for durability, but will not require hub to be drilled."
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