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Originally Posted by BillyD View Post
...With all that said, I believe offering the 1190 to the GS market is a stroke of marketing genius and long overdue.
While I agree with that statement, you seem to imply that that the 1190 will be a less capable off pavement bike than the 9x0 without any evidence to support such an implication. In fact, the only published first hand riding experience so far says it's better off pavement than the 9x0- indeed (and I admit this is hard to accept) better than the SE. In any case, I think I'll reserve judgment until they get into customer hands so we can get some better informed opinions.

I can't help but feel (at least a little) that if KTM had kept the 9x0 bodywork a lot of the weeping and gnashing of teeth would not exist. Which leads one to a conclusion that maybe the biggest complainers are upset with losing the pose value of the 9x0 "look". And I admit that I regret that as well.
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