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Originally Posted by Ragin Rabbi View Post
Perhaps Alonso is not as good in explaining the deficiencies of the car as he is in driving them?

A driver like he must play merry hobbs on a car's set up from an engineers perspective....
Maybe so. They do have all those data streams coming from the car, though, so surely they aren't that dependent upon the driver's input? I'm not sure if it's a smokescreen or not, but this is the second consecutive season that Ferrari has said the track data didn't match the wind tunnel data. So they were building parts on false assumptions. If they're telling the truth (I think they had to use the old Toyota wind tunnel in Cologne at one point) then the problem lies back at the factory, not behind the wheel.

The big developments in the last few years have come from flexible bodywork, exhaust gas management and engine mapping. And it seems that Ferrari are always chasing, never the leader, in these breakthrough areas.

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