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Wow...this thread has evolved.

So this morning I visited a small Honda shop (only line they carry) to look at the CFR250L.

Liked the the dealership. Family-run place with one salesman running back and forth between me and a nice older couple looking at big-ass cruisers.

Told me they don't have the fees that "Mega Cycle World" charges. To me that helps simplify the deal.

I'm liking the "OTD number" idea you guys have suggested. Think I will stick a number on paper and head back into see them soon.

As far as the little Honda goes, I did not ride the bike but really like the look of the rig and the fit and finish seems pretty darn good for a $4500 bike. It's bit tall for me but hope it will sag a bit under my fat ass. Seat could be used as a short balance-beam. Will be the first thing to go.

I really appreciate all the great advice you guys have provided. We all want to save some money but I agree with the idea of finding the right dealer as much as finding the right "deal". I left that small, old Honda dealer with a good vibe today.
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