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When #1 son was born I was racing D36 and CMC motocross in the vet class. I even have pics of me in my race gear holding my toddler in the paddock. I had a real career going and when he was about 1 y/o I hurt myself bad enough to require rehab. I decided I needed to focus on my career and sold all my race stuff. That was early 1982 I think.

When #1 son turned 17 he had his own money from his various jobs. He came home with a street bike. So I went out and bought one too. I thought we might ride together. We did once. 3 months later he rented a Penguin EX500 school bike, got his road race license and finished mid pack. The following year he was racing Aprilia Cup at Daytona! That was 2000. He raced all over the country for the next few years. He even won his class in the Mexican 1000 last spring aboard a KTM 350. He's an IT exec in San Francisco these days.

There must be a lesson there somewhere.
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