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So for you everyone,
What do you prefer?
If you could have ANY combination of these what would you choose?

I agree Bambi with the ability to turn the light with the forks on a fork mounted mask, but why then is the fixed to the frame fairing SO popular?

I think things like hand gaurds on the bars are just as critical as a mask/fairing on the forks or the frame. Everyone runs hand gaurds so I do not personally see a huge deterent for a fork mounted mask over a fixed one....if anyone has some input on that I would like to hear opinions.

Thanks for keeping your replys so far right on with what I asked, not giving the standard, it is whatever YOU like stuff. I am asking for YOUR feelings and opinions....

Is there a feeling that a frame mounted fairing/ mask lightens the steering feeling or is it purely buffeting on the forks and thus to your hand input that is the draw back to fork mounted?

Based the replies thus far it sounds like the KTM 990 ADV style frontend would be ideal over all?
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