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Arriving near Golubac, we found ourselves even some gravel roads while shortcutting through small villages. Unfortunately no fotos

This was where we would stay the night, the 'Weekend' - House. Slavko had earned quite some money in the good old embargo days, smuggling in petrol from Romania.

But first we went to the village and dug into the Jawa, which had developed unhealthy noises from the rear wheel.

Slavko in the front

the tightening mechanism of the chain had loosened on the right side and so the wheel had wandered out of line and the chain was scrapping over the sprocket, which had produced an unhealthy noise for an unhealthy situation.
Additionally the spring inside the drum break had broken and was now happily scrapping away at the aluminum of the rear hub.

the Cagiva is a nice, completely original bike Slavko got real cheap - but without papers - doesn't matter that much in the Village, though

Then it was already a bit late, and the minds wandered - and instead of reassembling the Jawa, Birol started repairing the Mercedes.

Slavko had been told that the computer fucked up, maybe the Immobilizer, and that the car would have to be shipped to the main dealership in Belgrade - read that as $$$$$$$.

Within 10 minutes Birol had identified a broken sensor on the crankshaft feeding nonsense signals to the ignition computer.
Not expensive to buy and easy to mount.

so after a good days ride and work we retired with a few beers.

In the morning we had breakfast in the village - after I had had my coffee of course. Birol as a real Turk prefers Tea.

grilled meat, pleskavica, cheese.......

As we are not real Serbs, we didn't enjoy what those people are having

see the small glasses - yep, Rakija

Romania on the other side

those had been license produced in Yugoslavia, and a few are still around

back at the 'village house' we reassembled the Jawa

Birol working

Me sleeping

Slavisa is running a security firm, the Merc and those cars belong to that

there's also some agriculture still going on, especially sheep

late enough and not without a hearty meal we were on the road again. In hindsight I wonder why I didn't make more fotos here.

toll station before Beograd; our plan was to look for a hotel near the border. We had looked a bit in the Internet, which had not been conclusive, but I knew at least there was a good and cheap one a bit after the Croatian border - in the old days we had gone there to get lead free petrol for the service car, as lead free even the embassy was not able to get in Milosevics Serbia.

having Tea - freshly brewed nearly everywhere on the Highway, courtesy of Turkish truckers

a leak and a cig sometimes

and, late enough again, at the Hotel

just early enough for the Restaurant

the real stuff, 'mesano meso', mixed grill for me, whatever he chose for Birol

tomorrow will take us to my parents

as a goodbye, a Serbian Biker; Foto from this summer (car trip)

and at last, some more yummy things, from the same family trip

NSFV (not save for Vegetarians - and, seriously, maybe city Kids)

becomes this

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